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Get wasted!

Mumbai. I have lived in this city for more than two decades. It is a place I call home. Unfortunately, it is a city full of garbage, bad stench, polluted water bodies. The problem of solid waste management is an urgent one here (and in general in India, I think.)

The other day I was traveling from Borivali to Powai at 7am in the morning. The streets were already buzzing with people out of their homes traveling to reach their work places. A middle aged woman waiting at the bus stop, a young kid walking in his school uniforms, a well-dressed man adjusting his hair in the rear-view mirror of a parked rickshaw, an elderly gentleman cycling with a pile of news papers rolled behind on the carrier. They were out on the streets to earn their living. They would probably return home after another 12 hours or so. A population that works so hard hard deserves a better life. For that matter, healthy and clean environment is a right for any population.

I think as a citizen of a Mumbai, which hosts…
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Not in my prime!

I turned 35 today. So not in my prime anymore! I will be back in my prime when I turn 37 though! :) (Sledge hammering the joke for the benefit of the reader. :P Also, joke courtesy S.)

I wonder what the world would be like in another 35 years! If I were to bet on the following, here's how I would do it. (I am willing to spend maximum Rs 100 on any bet and I know inflation will make it negligible, but just play along, won't you?)

Humans on Mars? Rs. 50Machines >> Humans? -Rs. 100
No way Machines can match humans. I hear whispers from ML researchers saying "Challenge accepted" :) NP vs. P question resolved? Rs. 0, but at least 10 other central questions in complexity theory resolved? Rs 100.Time travel? Rs. -100.
Isn't there some paradox there?A better society for women? Rs. 50
One hopes. See how sure I am about Humans on Mars!! :)Men being able to have babies. Rs. 100.
There you biologists, go for it! In you I trust!Being gay (or for that matter LGBTQ) becom…

Learning how to learn

More than a year ago I went through a coursera course titled Learning how to learn. It is taught by Dr. Barbara Oakley and Dr. Terrence Sejnowski. See this link if you wish to go through the material. I totally loved the course.

The course gives you reasons why learning may become tough and simple ways to get around the common difficulties. It also presents simple ideas to make the process of learning and therefore working more efficient. Do give it a try!


Mumbai summer has officially started! That basically means that the temperature is rising above 35 degree Celsius every day and it is humid as hell. But it also means you can hear the call of the native birds (e.g. koyal, coppersmith barbet) the whole day, mangoes are here (yay, yay, yay) and the teaching activities for the semester are coming to an end! Happy summer to all! If you are in Mumbai, don't miss this yummy treat! 


The 35th Foundations of Software Technology and Theoretical Computer Science (FST&TCS) conference will be held in Bangalore this year. This is the pan India theory conference, which has been around for the last 35 years and has gained reasonable repute in the theory community.

As a graduate student from India, who started her PhD in 2003, I attended the conference almost every year from 2004 to 2009. Later on too, I have been trying to attend the conference every time possible. For me, this has always been a place to meet many Indian theorists, meet many theorists from Europe and a few from the USA, listen to beautiful talks, attend a grand banquet dinner and basically have a great time!

After my many years of close connection with the conference as a researcher who has had many of her works accepted and many of her works rejected at the conference :), this year for the first time I am in the PC of the conference. It gives be a great delight to be an integral part…

Jan 2015

The year 2015 started with an amazing workshop organized by my advisor Meena Mahajan and Rahul Santhanam, which I had a chance to attend. It also started with some new friendships for Chikku, our crazy dog, who bonded with none other than @Vaishu while we were in Chennai attending the workshop. All this followed by a get together with @SPS and @Vaishu and watching of a movie called Guardians of the Galaxy. In @SPS's words all this was "simply brillmax"!

Anyway, the semester now begins. Which means more of teaching, more of Japanese learning, more of Sandhya (san's) company, and hopefully more updates on this space. Have a great year!

Chikku and me

Chikku is the name of my dog. Those who know me well, know all the madness surrounding Chikku's adoption and many other crazy things that followed in my and her life thereafter. I have stayed with Chikku for more than 10 years, which is the second longest I have spent with someone under the same roof after my parents!

It all started like a fairy .. err crazy tale. Like one you would never have heard before. I almost wish to start "So kids, this is how I met your dog!" (you know the How I met your mother (HIMYM) analogy? Never mind!) Don't worry, though I may start this way, I don't plan to ramble on like HIMYM did.

So I was a first year PhD student in the Institute of Mathematical Sciences. New to the ways of life in a hostel, ways of a life of a research scholar, ways of a life away from parents and away from home; leading a life of newly discovered freedom, new friends and new city! And 8 months into this life, just when things started getting more normal, gue…

Weak in my knees

A friend of mine recently told me that the new hottie on the Bollywood block is Fawab Khan and seeing him makes her go weak in her knees! But that's not what I am talking about. What I really wish to talk about is far less juicy. It is about my weak knees! Literally.

It all started 10 months ago. I was on one of my usual runs. As usual I was struggling to keep up a good rhythm, as usual I was cursing myself for having decided to run on a calm, laid-back Sunday evening, as usual I was telling myself that the struggle in your run which seems unending will end soon and you will feel happy for having dragged your lazy ass out of the house for a good evening run. Well, so there was that run. And then may be during that run or may be in some other subsequent run or at some other point of time, or in my sleep or god knows when I started feeling pain in my right knee. "This isn't real pain" was my first reaction. So for another two months I kept doing my occasional runs. Bu…